Lyco Lounge GB | The Communication Coffee Shop
The Lyco Lounge combines the pleasure of modern living and intelligent shopping in one place. Enjoy and benefit at the same time.
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Lyco Lounge - The Communication Coffee Shop

Relax, meet friends and enjoy a cappuccino or a delicious meal in the exclusive atmosphere – and take advantage of the great Lyoness Benefits at the same time. The Lyco Lounge combines all the advantages of modern pleasure and intelligent shopping in one place. Thanks to the innovative touchscreen tables, you also have the best digital connection.

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With the touchscreen tables, you can find out all about Lyoness, and register your friends!

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Buy Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Vouchers directly in the Lyco Lounge!

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Find your favourite Lyoness Merchandise items!

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Want to spend a relaxing day at home? We would be happy to deliver our meals to your home!

About Us

Communication and relaxation are the focus in the Lyco Lounge. Here, you can leave your worries outside, and concentrate on pleasure. The modern atmosphere, the refreshing drinks and the delicious food make it easy.

The Lyco Lounge is more than a coffee shop! As well as being the perfect setting for lively conversation and the place to go for delicious meals, you can also take advantage of the Lyoness Benefits. That means Cashback and Member Benefits whilst you relax!


  • We would be happy to help you plan and hold your events in the Lyco Lounge
  • As a Lyoness Member, you will receive an additional 6% Member Benefit!
  • The Lyco Lounge serves exquisite international cuisine every lunch time
  • We offer a comprehensive drinks menu – the perfect drink for every occasion
  • You have free internet access at all times
A s one of the biggest shopping communities in the world, Lyoness offers money back with every purchase, in every sector – with free registration! You can find out more about Lyoness at

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Discover The Communication Coffee Shop

As well as being a new meeting point, the Lyco Lounge is an attractive coffee shop and has a lot more to offer other than just being a modern well-equipped retreat.